Editor’s Note

I am very pleased to present this study on the life of Christ.  This study was written by my friend and mentor Bob Conway.  It is reprinted here online with his permission and blessing.  As much as possible I have copied the his book completely but occasionally some things don’t translate perfectly into an online format.  This means that some of the charts are chopped up a bit and there are no Greek words (written in Greek letters) for those who actually understand the language.  Overall, this is very much what Bob has written and only a little bit has been lost in the editing process.  Hopefully what is gained though – the ability to share this with thousands of people who I hope will read and use this Bible study – outweighs what is lost.

While this is a study on the life of Christ, it is fair to note up front that there is a significant portion of the life of Christ missing.  That portion would be the final week of Jesus’ ministry which actually accounts for about half of the gospel passages.  Needless to say, this is intentional as a second book is necessary to do this final week justice.  The good news is that Bob has also written on the Passion Week and I will be putting it online as time allows.

Navigation through the book is simple.  The book is broken down into sections or can be read straight through by clicking on the links from top to bottom.

God bless,
Michael Stine

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