The Emotions of Christ

Even Jesus could not control His emotions at all times. He was subject to all sinless emotions. He
became angry, indignant (vexed or annoyed), disgusted, lamented, and wept, especially at unbelief and
self-righteousness. He loved people and rejoiced and grieved in His spirit. He showed compassion. The
sight of individual physical distress and spiritual destitution aroused the emotions our Lord (cf. Isaiah
53:3; Matthew 9:36; 26:36-44; Mark 3:5; 10:14; Luke 10:21; John 11:36; 13:23).

LOVE and HOLINESS lie at the bottom of all His emotions. At the grave of Lazarus He felt grief and
was deeply moved, that is irrepressible anger—He raged in His spirit (John 11:33, 38). The spectacle of
the distress of Mary and her companions touched both sides of His essential being. Love stirred grief and
tears and holiness enraged Jesus because it brought poignantly home to His consciousness the evil of
death, it unnaturalness, its violent tyranny.

His woes to the teachers of the Law and Pharisees throb with indignation and bring Jesus before us in His
sternest mood. Jesus’ anger is not merely the seamy side of His pity; it is the righteous reaction of His moral
sense in the presence of evil. Jesus burned with anger against the wrongs He met within His journey
through human life, as truly as He melted with pity at the sight of the world’s misery; and it was out of
these two emotions that His actual mercy comes forth.

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