The Confrontive Christ

Christ knew that the calling of Galileans, and especially Levi (Matthew), would further infuriate the “self righteous”
Pharisees and place Him outside of their consideration as a prophet. He took that risk, or
rather certainty; He had no use for the self-styled “just,” the rigorist authorities, the “good.” With the
Sabbath healings, Christ intentionally confronted the religious leaders with the folly of their man-made
traditions. Instead of repenting, they became angry at Him. He would continue to press them until they
crucified Him.

This Jesus is often a stranger to our self-centered “me” generation. He is not the easy-going Jesus we
have created who is on call when we want Him to meet our personal agendas.

Christ’s words cut like a two-edged sword in the hard places of our hearts. His confrontive sayings cause
an eruption in our inner being which results in an explosion of new priorities, values, and attitudes. We
are forced to evaluate our prejudices and reactions. Our lives are turned upside-down—really right-side
up—for the first time.

Christ is the biblical Jesus—robust, challenging, more than a comforter—who confronts us. Sometimes
He speaks hard words to wake us up. He will not accept second place in our lives. He calls us to the
exhilarating adventure of dynamic discipleship as He called the Twelve.

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